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  • Krista A. Parr

Bone Broth Workshop

No food is as universally appreciated as soup. Did you know that ever since humans discovered fire, we've been simmering animal bones in water, in pretty much every country on the planet?

Modern research confirms what traditional wisdom already knew: bone broth is very, very nourishing! In fact, it's one of the most inexpensive ways to get nutrient-dense, healing foods into our diets.

Certain components of bone broth aren't found in many other foods, and are essential for healing gut & digestive issues, rebuilding & rejuvenating skin, nails & hair, and supporting bones, joint pain & injuries. It's also my number one food recommendation for pregnant mamas and postpartum healing, whether you've birthed vaginally or via caesarean.

Please join me at this interactive workshop where I'll talk about the many healing benefits of bone broth, the difference between bone broth & meat stock and special considerations for certain health conditions, and of course the many different methods you can use to make your own delicious, nourishing broth at home. I'll also be bringing some broth for you to taste ;)

When: Monday, April 24 at 7:30pm

Cost: $20

Registration: email or call 604-944-6002

Note: If you cannot attend but you're interested in this topic, please reply to this email and I'll let you know when I'll be hosting the same workshop on zoom.

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