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From the Root

to the Fruit...

There is perhaps no greater opportunity for transformation than when preparing for pregnancy. Making your body a welcoming host for a new life deserves mindful preparation.

After all, a seed that is planted in depleted soil is not given the greatest chance to sprout and flourish. Build up your nutrient stores for pregnancy and beyond by committing to a lifestyle that supports clean, nutritious, and balanced eating habits. Your vitality will be enhanced and, in turn, you are creating an environment in which health and life blossoms. A daily pre-natal vitamin is not enough. It’s not just about providing the right nutrients in adequate amounts; it’s about creating healthy, positive habits for your future children and grandchildren to emulate. For women undergoing infertility investigations and treatment, improving the diet will reduce stress on the body and may offer a pro-active focus during a time of uncertainty. Conditions like PCOS and hypothalamic amenorrhea are known to benefit directly from changes to diet and lifestyle. 

Fertility Nutritionist Vancouver
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