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Make a committment

to clean eating

You are uniqe, and so are your nutritional requirements. Together, we will develop an individualized and realistic program tailored to your specific needs and goals.
One-on-One Consultations

The truth is, improving your eating habits can be really challenging, and there are no short-cuts. It takes time and patience to create meaningful change. For this reason, I ask you to make a 4-month commitment to your nutritional program. We will meet over Zoom or in-person at Strawberries & Sunshine Wellness Collective every 2-3 weeks during your program, and exchange emails regularly. It is through this consistent contact that I can be your most effective coach and cheerleader, ensuring that our work together leads to long-lasting changes.

We will focus on cleaning things up in your diet by favouring nutrient-rich whole foods. Plenty of delicious recipes and meal ideas will be provided. Other lifestyle factors that will be addressed include hydration, digestion, exercise, stress, emotions, environmental toxins, and nutritional supplements. 

Encouraging intuitive and mindful eating habits are also central to my approach.

Investment: $800+GST for a 4-month program. NOTE: I offer modifications to this program under some circumstances. If you think you'd like to work with me over a shorter period of time, please contact me.


In-Home Kitchen Sessions (Metro Vancouver)

You cannot transform your health without getting comfortable in the kitchen and making cooking a priority. Period. The majority of the foods we eat should be prepared in our own kitchens, using fresh, whole, real food. During In-Home Kitchen Sessions we will cook together, preparing 3-4 meals and snacks targeted to your fertility goals and food preferences. Learn about the ingredients we are using and how they relate to fertility, set goals for future meal planning, and stock your fridge with delicious, nutrient-dense meals and snacks. Recipes and grocery lists will be provided.

$200+GST per 3-hour session (does not include groceries)

$700+GST for four sessions ($100 savings)


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