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Online Broth & Stock Seminar

"In preparing homemade broths, you participate in the tradition of kitchen wisdom that has nourished the bodies and satisfied the bellies of generations upon generations of healthy people worldwide. It’s a simple, but a powerful practice.” - Jennifer McGruther

Soup is possibly the most universally appreciated food. Ever since humans discovered fire, we’ve been simmering animal bones in water, in pretty much every country on the planet.

Modern research confirms what traditional wisdom already knew: well-made broths and stocks are deeply healing and nourishing! In fact, soups made with homemade broth or stock is one of the most inexpensive ways to get nutrient-dense, healing foods into our diets.


Certain components of broth aren’t found in many other foods, and are essential for healing gut & digestive issues, rebuilding & rejuvenating skin, nails & hair, and supporting joint pain, injuries, and surgery recovery. It's also extremely supportive during pregnancy and postpartum.

We will not being making broth during this online seminar, but instead you will learn about the history, many healing benefits, the difference between bone broth & meat stock and special considerations for certain health conditions, and of course the many different methods you can use to make your own delicious, nourishing broth at home. Bring your questions and let's reclaim this ancestral, nourishing food! All participants will receive a recipe and instruction booklet.

When: Tuesday January 30 at 7pm PST

Where: Online on zoom. Recording will be emailed to all participants after the workshop.

Cost: $20

Register: Here 

Questions? Email me anytime at

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